General Industry OSHA Written Tool
Does your company have over 10 employees?

Does your company have any chemicals that require an SDS (safety data sheet)?

Will any of your employees be exposed to blood or any other potentially infectious materials (OPIM)? (For example: a designated first aid responder may reasonably anticipate exposure to blood or OPIM)

Are there areas in the workplace where continuous noise levels exceed 85 decibels? (If you are unsure, you may select yes)

Has the company determined any hazards exist that require the use of PPE ? (e.g., head, eye, face, hand, or foot protection)

Does your company have any machinery or equipment that requires de-energization when performing maintenance or servicing? (Lockout/Tagout)

Does your company have work environments with insufficient oxygen or toxic substances in the air that are unable to be eliminated?

Does your company have confined spaces? (1. Must have limited openings for entry and exit. 2. The space is not designed for continuous human occupancy. 3. The space is large enough for you to enter and conduct work.)

Does your company perform any hot work? (Operation involving open flames, sparks or any heat producing process. Examples: Welding, brazing, torch work, grilling etc…)

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